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    Ok I'm confused .I've had this game for two hours and... it's NOT glitchy at all. But I kinda did not want to trade my froggy. He was cute! And upgrading your tree costs A LOT of tree food! Tip: when it says go to a website,click ok and as the website loads click back to Tree World! You get the food anyways! All the animals are cute and so r everything else! U can buy certain animals at the market and it is awesome because of the fact that you get an animal that u ACTUALLY want, instead of a random animal! I don't understand why people hate this game! It's adorable! I guess people can just be haters! Because this game is really fun ,addicting ,awesome,cute,silly,entertaining,and cool! And... I know this review WAS long but someone needed to explain the real stuff about this app and how amazingly addictive and awesome this game is ! I think people should not take and believe the bad and rude reviews on here. People may just have had a bad day and took it out on this app because of ONE itsy bitsy issue! P.S don't believe the bad reviews. I once believed the bad reviews but I was clearly wrong!🦄💩💩🦄
    Lots of Fun! 
    I'm having so much fun playing with my grandchildren ages 10 and 6. My 6 year old grandson gets really excited to see what creature we will get when we summons. So cute! As long as it works properly, we'll keep playing. So far, so good.

    Since this last review and last update, my Tree World isn't working right. We've finished branch 60 and now trying to hatch an egg. Had 3 bars and they have all disappeared. Very frustrating since we have to earn 288,560 tree food for each bar. Very fun game, but I had Tree World before and it kept having glitches and now I'm having problems again. Please fix soon.

    My 6 year old grandson came up with the idea of saving all the food until we have collected enough to hatch the egg. We shouldn't 't have to do it this way, but we don't want to lose anymore tree food. Will take forever, but don 't know what else to do. We are at a standstill at this point.

    We finally collected enough food to hatch our egg at level 60 and this enabled us to hatch our egg. This is the only way that we could figure out how to collect enough food to move forward. We were losing food faster than we could collect it. So this way works.

    Really fun game! As long as it works like it is supposed to, will keep the app and build my tree as high as it can go.
    Cute but glit
    Update: most of my animals have turned into clocks and it hasn't changed. This makes the game basically not playable. What's worse is that this glitch happened before, YEARS ago and lots of people complained about it then. I assumed they fixed that. Developers... Please fix this issue.Earn to Die 

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