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    A fanciful ocean with beautiful whale sharks along with lovely brave the shark cam.Hay Mobfish shark adventure to hit the enemy in order to protect marine world peace bad guys are not invasive.
    Set up in 2020, after despotism greed has stripped the world of rare earth elements, disastrous
    Bubble Fruit

    pollution ocean devastated our beautiful. Now the world's fish have been converted into dangerous new species known as Mobfish. To combat these evil creatures, a new class of emerging Mobfish Hunters - and it's up to you to rise through their ranks. Trick-out your fishing lures with a bunch of bullets and melee weapons to eliminate Mobfish waters and become a champion Hunter expel the enemy.

    Attractive function of the game: Age of War 
    ✔ Set in the world Mobfish Hunter, each region includes species possesses Mobfish challenging and dangerous.
    ✔ Nine Crazy Arms: Go loot awarded for fishing expeditions succeeded to upgrade a variety of bait Sea-Mine with blades, bullets spread-shot and the ability to find heat.

    ✔ 60 Power-chip variation, and more than 50,000 combinations of style of play.
    ✔ Customize Utilities: deep plum pitch with three additional utility allows your Sea-Mine to learn more, move faster, and illuminating the murky waters.
    ✔ Six Leaderboards: See where you rank among Hunters Mobfish locally, regionally and worldwide.
    ✔ 30 Achievements: Check your hunting skills and expanding collection of rare Mobfish, as you work to complete rewarding challenges.

    ✔ Facebook Integration: Invite Facebook friends and compete for high scores.
    ✔ All processes can be synchronized across multiple platforms and devices.
    Age of War 6 
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