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    Have you got a sweet tooth? Papa’s Freezeria is a dessert making and fast-food business simulation game where your goal is to run a successful ice-cream parlor, serving up delicious treats to your customers. Test how well you work under pressure in this fun role-playing game where you exercise your time-keeping skills as well as your multi-tasking abilities. Learn the essential skills of managing a business while having fun creating and styling a host of delicious ice-cream sundaes.

    If you keep all of your customers happy, they will give you tips which can be used to buy new stuff for your store, turning it into the coolest ice-cream place in town! You are kept totally on your toes as you take orders, make sundaes and put toppings on them – all at the same time! Make sure you get every order correct, sprinkles and all – and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the Ice Cream Master!
    How to Play: There are four main areas where you have to work – the Order Station, Build Station, Mix Station and Top Station. Follow the tutorial and you’ll get the hang of it in no time!Earn to Die 

    Order Station: Here you have to take the orders from your customers. You can take all of the orders in a row and then start making the sundaes, or take one order at a time – it’s up to you. Click on ‘Take Order’ beside the customer to take their order.
    Build Station: Now it’s time to get moving. Every customer wants their sundae made to perfection so watch their order ticket. Using your computer mouse, left click the green button on the ice-cream machine to pour the ice-cream. A status bar will appear, with an arrow moving across it. Wait until the arrow is in the center of the status bar before clicking again – this will give you the perfect amount of ice cream. Repeat that action to add whichever fruit and sauce the customer wants. Once you do that, the sundae will zoom off to the Mix Station.

    Mix Station: This is where you blend the sundae ingredients. Click and drag the sundae to one of the four blending machines – it will start blending automatically. The customer has indicated on their order ticket how much they want their sundae blended. Once the indicator on the machine matches the order ticket, click and drag the sundae to the green marker on the right of the game screen – it’s ready for toppings!
    Top Station: Here you put toppings onto the sundaes. Follow the order ticket, and click and drag the customer’s desired toppings onto the sundae. Make sure to spread the toppings all over the sundae, you lose points if toppings are all piled in the center of the ice-cream.
    After that, the customer will taste the sundae you made, and if it’s good – you earn points and tips. At the end of your working day, you can use the virtual money you made to buy new goods and upgrade your store. The cooler your store is, the more customers you get. But if you serve up bad sundaes or make a customer wait – you won’t receive any tips and that customer won’t be back in a hurry! So make sure you serve up some super-sweet sundaes on time! Let’s get to work!

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