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    Toy Story 3: Marbleous Missions is a highly-entertaining, platform-based adventure game where you join Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang on a series of timed, jumping-based rescue missions. Set in a wild and colorful bedroom filled with various toys, ledges, bad guys and obstacles, you must carefully leap along clouds and ledges, and fulfill a range of special mission-style tasks set out by legendary Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear (while avoiding cloud-shaped bad guys)! Objectives in each level include finding an Exit Key, collecting colored marbles, rescuing other toys (aliens), discovering secret areas, and more!
    This fun, thrill-a-minute action game requires deft keyboard control skills as you must move your (male or female) toy character around with great precision. One little mistake, and you could fall to the abyss below! Fast reactions, good observation skills, and an inquisitive mind are all important attributes required here – There are lots of hidden areas and hard-to-reach locations to explore in each level! Are you ready to create your very own Toy Story?Earn to Die

    How to Play: Once the game loads, click on the yellow ‘Play Mission’ at the bottom of the game screen. This brings you to the ‘Objective Screen’, where your various mission tasks are shown. Of the six different tasks, the only absolutely essential one is that you find the ‘Big Key’. This is used to unlock the Exit Door. Click ‘Play Mission’ again, and then choose your girl or boy character to begin the action.
    Control your cartoon character using the Arrow Keys to walk around, use SpaceBar to shoot marbles at bad guys, double the Up Arrow to fly / glide like a bird, double LEFT or RIGHT to slide!
    Explore around the level, and try to find as many important objects as you can. Keep an eye on the timer on the left hand side of the play area. You must find the Big Key, and then exit the level before the clock runs out.
    If you fall into the abyss at the bottom of the game screen, you lose one life. Likewise, if your Health Bar falls empty following repeated Cloud attacks, you also lose a life. While you may have found a ‘Checkpoint’ to save your progress mid-level, once all your lives are gone, you must Re-start from the beginning of the level.
    For additional points, you can ‘rescue’ green alien toys which have been imprisoned by Emperor Zurg. But first, you must find the release switch to open the entrapped alien’s cage, and then make contact with that alien to free it. This earns you extra points. You may even find the elusive Marb (a special marble) to earn extra kudos.

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