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    Candy Crusher is a tricky, classic-style, jumping platform arcade game for kids & teens where you must guide an acrobatic little purple monster through a series of dangerous ledge-based levels, gobbling a minimum of 3 pieces of candy in order to progress. Similar in style to Sonic and Mario games, you must avoid contact with enemies, steep ravines, hot lava pools, and other tricky deterrents on your high-octane jumping journey.
    Fast reactions, good observation skills, and the ability to make tactful jumping maneuvers are all key attributes required here if you really want to be a Candy Crushing success! There is no time limit, so sometimes, giving very careful consideration to where next to jump is the best course of action (rather than a wild, ‘gung-ho’ approach). You simply need a cool head, great determination, skill, time and patience. Easy? Ok then, enjoy the challenge!

    How to Play: In each of the 20 increasingly-challenging levels, you must collect 3 pieces of red & white candy using your arrow keys in order to open the Exit Portal and progress (This Exit is a square wooden post, usually located on the opposite side of the game screen to where your little monster character begins). Each level has 5 pieces of candy situated in awkward positions but you only need to collect 3 in order to open the Exit.
    Using the Arrow Keys on your keyboard, simply come into contact with a piece of candy in order to ‘collect’ it. The number of candy pieces you have collected is displayed in the top left corner of the play area. Avoid contact with enemy creatures and red lava pools. If your monster makes direct contact with any of these obstacles, you lose a life and must replay the level. However, you have an unlimited amount of lives!

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