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    H-Bounce is a fun and addicting soccer ‘keepy-up’ game and hand-eye coordination exercise for kids where you have to keep an increasing amount of soccer balls off the ground, using only your player’s head. Even football legends such as Messi and Ronaldo would find this skill almost impossible to match – so let’s see how you can manage! Bouncing just one ball on top of your player’s head is pretty easy, but how about two, three and four footballs, all falling in different areas on the pitch? Now that’s a challenge!
    You’ll need extremely quick reactions to succeed here, as you have to dash around the field, retrieving the falling balls before they hit the ground. You’ll also need a steady hand, as controlling your player is tough under all that pressure! Can you take the heat, and become the crowd’s favorite Keepy-up Sensation? Put on your soccer gear, it’s show time! Head that ball, and Good luck!

    How to Play: You play the role of a talented soccer star. Before you begin your fancy heading tricks, you must choose your player from a list of different types of colorful footballers. Toggle through them using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Once the game begins, the controls are pretty simple. Your player mimics (follows) the movement of your computer mouse. Move around underneath the ball, letting it hit off your head to keep it up in the air. Each time you progress through a level, another ball is added.
    Dash around the game screen, trying your best to keep all of the balls up in the air. If one hits the ground, you lose a life. You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top right corner of the game screen. Each time you score 50 points in a row, a Golden Ball floats down. Collect this Golden Ball to earn extra lives.Earn to Die 

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