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    Monsterland: Junior Vs Senior is a fun and increasingly challenging physics-based puzzle arcade game where you have to unite two block-shaped family members (little and large monsters) using good strategy, patience, and some understanding of the effects of gravity. Senior is a rectangular-shaped, grumpy old monster who just wants to sleep the day away. However, Junior, a fun-loving, mischievous little square-shaped guy, is determined to wake Senior up by jumping on top of him! Junior cannot move by himself, so your job is to help Junior reach Senior by strategically removing objects (other monsters), and creating momentum and pathways to connect the two together.Earn to Die 
    Strategic planning is the key to this tricky brain-teaser, as you have to carefully plan out a route to get Junior to his older, sleepier friend. Your creative engineering skills and problem-solving abilities are also important, as you often have to build bridges and pathways to ensure Junior gets the chance to gleefully ruin poor old Senior’s siesta. This is one cute online puzzle that won’t have you yawning and ready for bed – you need to be very alert to succeed. Ok Puzzle Whizz, let’s wake up some sleepy monsters! Happy mischief making, and good luck!

    How to Play: In each of the 32 levels, your objective is to transport Junior, (the small, square ‘monster’), onto Senior, the sleeping rectangular monster. Junior is usually positioned high above Senior, with other removable monsters (blocks) in the way. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on any one of these other monsters to remove (pop) them from the game screen. Hopefully, gravity (and a bit of luck) helps Junior topple onto Senior’s back. If so, the little guy happily jumps up and down to wake Senior up, and you progress to the next level.
    In later levels, you have to build bridges and create more complex paths for Junior to navigate through. The fewer ‘pops’ (objects removed) you make, the more points you score. You also earn more points for completing the level as fast as you can, though there is no visible clock on the game screen. If Junior falls out of the game screen, you have to restart the level. If you get stuck at any stage, click on the Circular Arrow in the top right corner to reset the level.

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