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    Play a fun and fast-paced version of handball, a high-energy indoor sport – very similar to squash but played with the hands instead of rackets! Super Handball is a highly-challenging ball sport simulation game that follows the rules of American Handball. This one-on-one handball game is played in an enclosed court, and players take turns to hit a small rubber ball toward a ‘front wall’ with the palm of their hands. The aim is to force your opponent to miss the rebound, and for the ball to bounce twice or hit the back wall on your opponent’s shot.
    Reasons to play this tricky, timing-based skill game: Test and exercise your fast reactions, hand-eye coordination skills, timing and prediction skills as you dash around the small court. See if you can become a handball master, and defeat your fit and crafty computer opponent. If new to the concept of “handball”, discover an awesome fringe sport and tough pastime (in real life), learn the rules, and showcase your virtual handball skills to friends and family!
    Strategy to win: As well as displaying the fast mouse control, smart reflexes and timing required, you must also be on top of the mental side of the game. Handball is very much based around anticipation and reaction skills and stamina! You must try to predict where the ball is going to land, and maneuver your character into position to deliver a solid rebounding shot. Be prepared for anything, the ball ricochets all over the place

    How to Play: A Flash-based, ball sports game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Here, each mini game of handball consists of ‘set’ where the first player to 3 points is the winner. You play against increasingly-challenging computer opponents until you lose a set. To win a point, you must force your opponent into a mistake where he allows the ball to bounce twice, fails to hit the ‘front wall’ with his shot, or allows the ball to hit the ‘back wall’. You can only win points on your own serve. If you lose a point on your serve, your opponent takes over as server, and vice versa.Earn to Die 
    Press Spacebar on your computer keyboard to ‘serve’ (drop) the ball. Control your handball player with your computer mouse. His movement mimics that of your mouse cursor. To take a shot with your hand, click and hold down the Left Mouse Button to increase power (wind up your arm), and release the click to shoot. You can pick up Power-ups that randomly appear on the court, and increase your chances of scoring well.

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