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    Online Super Mario World Game is a fun and well known Super Mario Bros game for young kids. Select your preferred level and start to play. Your aim is to go through as many levels as you can while gathering golden coins, various other bonuses and power-ups. However, don’t think that everything is so simple! You will also have to fight your opponents, the little monsters and turtles! Go through the maze fighting your opponents and collecting bonuses to reach the next level. Don’t forget that Mario Bros love to crawl into tubes! Try to crawl into each tube, trying not to miss the right one, and collect bonuses on your way! Good luck and enjoy playing!
    How to play: Control Mario using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. Press ‘A’ to jump and ‘S’ to run and pick the carapace. To jump higher, hold the ‘S’ key. If you want to pause the game or return back to the menu, press the space bar. However, you can choose more comfortable control in the ‘configuration’ menu.Earn to Die 

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