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    Minions Go Home is a fun, problem-solving, adventure puzzle game for younger players / elementary school age kids where you must use good strategy with tactful mouse-clicking to guide little, yellow minion characters to their huts in each level! Featuring a range of classic-style, platform-based tasks such as using push buttons, removing walls, lowering drawbridges, collecting stars and more, you must carefully direct the iconic blabbering minions through 17 short obstacle courses.
    Reasons to play this interactive brain teaser activity: Exercise your analytical thinking skills, hand eye-coordination, motor skills control, timing, and fast reactions as you click on different items and characters at the correct moments to carefully aid your minions’ journey through each obstacle-filled level.Earn to Die 
    How to Play: A Flash-based platform puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 17 increasingly-difficult levels, your goal is to direct the minion characters to their ‘home’ (a small brown hut) on the very right hand side of the play area. Most levels have just one minion character, but some have two or more. All available minions must reach the hut for you to progress to the next level.Earn to Die 
    Minions’ movements are controlled by your computer mouse / touchpad. Left Click on a static minion to get it moving forward, and click on it again to stop its progress. There are also lots of movable ledges, buttons and other objects that also react to your computer mouse. Figure out which objects / minions must be clicked (and in which sequence) to safely guide the minions to their homes in each level. If you get stuck at any stage, press the R Key on your computer keyboard to Restart the level.
    Note: When the game initially loads, click on the ‘Play’ icon in the lightbulb. After that, do nothing until the main ‘Minions Go Home’ menu screen appears. Here, click on the large green arrow to get started. Enjoy the fun adventure action!

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