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    Raze 2 includes three challenging modes – Human Campaign mode, Alien Campaign mode, and Quick Match mode. The Human campaign is considered to be an easy mode, with over 10 levels to complete on eight different difficulty levels. The Aliens campaign is significantly harder, which is why it will only unlock after you have completed all of the levels in the Human campaign. Raze 4

    There are seven basic key controls players should become familiar with. Many of these controls are customizable to allow players to play Raze 2 comfortably.

     Happy Wheels  Before you begin playing the levels in any of the modes, it is advised that you visit the Armory. In the armory you can purchase and equip improved equipment, abilities, and weapons. You can also check the kill bonuses that you have received. There are 30 different kill bonuses that you can get. To gain credits to spend in the Armory, simply go kill some enemies! While you can earn a decent income from the Campaigns, you can earn a lot more in the Quick Matches. The more enemies you kill, the bigger your paycheck will be!

        Tank Trouble 3    Quick Match mode is much more difficult, and includes the option to complete it with one or more teams. You can add up to 4 teams, however you cannot have more than 12 players. For instance, if you only want one team, you can have 12 players on that team. However, if you want to play with four teams, you’re only allowed up to three players on each team – for a total of 12 players.

    Prior to beginning a Quick Match, there are a few custom options for you to set up. You can choose the type of setting to play in, the number of kills that will be needed in order to win the match (up to 100), and the type of weapons your teammates can use during the match. You can also choose a special mode, and toggle on or off the abilities and equipment you and your team use.

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