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    Knight Age Christmas I thought was better than most of the Knight Age games itself and this happened to be a special bought out for the holiday season. This game is in 2D and as usual in the Knight Age series, the graphics and background designs seems to be far superior to almost any other game on pc online. Traffic Slam 4-Damage the Car Maximum

    I enjoyed the Christmas themes with all of the funny options that the game had to offer (yes, like the user having to go to the North Pole to win a jousting tournament). The kicker here is that Santa is the host of the tournament and you as the user have to go through a gauntlet as a Knight of your choosing and take down a bunch of winter stiffs as I like to call them.

       Age of War 3     Also, you can upgrade as well playing this game and you can do that by buying up gold and then making a purchase to make sure that you are borderline unstoppable, which thankfully isn’t too hard on this game. The controls are all similar to the regular Knight Age games and the designs and things to that affect are twice as better. Even the characters looked like genuine villains and I would give this 5 out of 5 stars easily, could give it 6 if it went that far.

     Happy Wheels  I found myself laughing for quite a few reasons with this game and none of it was negative reasons. For one, I enjoyed having the option to play with the Christmas Knights and just seeing the Knight in Christmas gear was enough for me to get a yell from my girlfriend.

    This game is fairly simple to navigate and you use the mouse for everything like the other Knight Age pc games. One thing I came across when I played replays of games and ended up earning more money, aside from killing the villains, this is the main goal of this game.

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