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    Knight Age is a very original game and one that I found myself playing over and over again for awhile. I was actually very familiar with Knight Age as it is a huge hit on the internet here in Asia. Even with my age, I am a huge fan of cartoons and not ashamed to admit it, which takes me to my next point about this game.  Knight Age Online

    The graphics are super cool and I tip my hat to the Korean style developers who came up with this style and awesome graphics that looks as if it is a cel-shaded design, something most designers know is difficult to duplicate for animation action games. There are a lot of bright colors, which is always a good thing when generating cartoonish online PC games.

    The Knight carries weapons of combat, mainly fighting weapons so don’t expect to see any awesome guns or anything like that. Just good ole fashion “I’ll stab you in fifty different ways” kind of weapons. However, he has an extremely high attack mode, which is always a plus on any game where your life is on the line.

    You have four different classes to choose from in this game to play as. You can play as the Knight, or main character of the game, The Magician, The Archer, or The Warrior. All of those characters are unique in their own ways as they each add something different to the table as far as technique is concerned.

      Gold Miner    The Warrior is a different kind of guy though in that he damages pretty easily, which I would have thought to be unheard of for a warrior, but first time for everything. This game is very easy to navigate and very easy to control as the game play is simple to keep up with and control. Some critics pounced on this game for a lack of a good and imaginative story, but I don’t read that deeply into cool games that I enjoy (okay, once or twice), but it seems to be on par with the rest of the games on PC online that have this kind of average paced action theme to it. I

    One of the best parts of the game comes when you have the little guys called “pupas” following you around helping you kick some enemy butt which makes for a much smoother ride throughout the game. One thing that I did have a hard time getting over initially was how similar it was to a lot of other online internet games on PC and how bored the world seemed to appear, even though the graphics makes up for that. I would recommend this game to everyone, but I am sure this game does not appeal to everyone, but maybe a select few.

      Happy Wheels   I found The Magician to be very fascinating and played with him probably the most. He can use his magic from a very long distance (who wouldn’t dig this again?) and he looks awesome, okay funny, but awesome nonetheless and I cannot put my finger on why I think he just looks awesome. Just one of those things you cannot explain, but more so have to see it to really get it here.  Archer is awesome as well and I played with him a couple of times. All he does is beat the crap out of someone with bows (bow and arrows for you unfamiliar newbies).

    One thing that I found funny, interesting and just plain awesome all at once was how cool or how beautiful even the villains were in Knight Age. The bear looks like something off of your daughter’s shelf, just cute and cuddly, when in actuality, he is as evil as Jason Vorhees and destroys pretty much anything that crosses his road per say.

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