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    Super Smash Flash is a fun, platform-based arcade-style fighting game featuring a whole host of your favorite classic computer game stars including Sonic, Mario, Pikachu, Link, Zelda, and more! This is a really wacky, raster graphics-style mash-up of the virtual worlds of each of these legendary characters. For example, you can roleplay as Sonic the Hedgehog in a Mario-style platform environment! You can also pit these cool characters against each other in epic battle sequences. Have you ever wanted to know who would come out on top between Megaman and Knuckles? Well, with Super Smash Flash, you can find out for yourself once and for all. Happy adventure!
    How to Play: Using your computer mouse or touch pad, Left Click on the “Click Here to Start” button in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen. You can ignore the question about having sufficient memory to play (don’t worry, you do), and move straight to your name entry into the required field. You are then brought to another menu screen where you have to simply ‘Click Anywhere’ to begin. Now – Select your game mode.
    Choose between 1 Player, and VS Mode (2 Player). In 1 Player Mode, pick ‘Regular Match’ to get to the real action, or Stadium / Training to practice. After selecting ‘Regular Match’, indicate either to play in ‘Classic’ or ‘Adventure’ mode. In Classic Mode, you battle against other characters one after the other in hand-to-hand, ‘Super Smash Bros-style’ combat. In Adventure Mode, the levels alternate between classic platform-style adventure challenges, and battle sequences just like those in Classic Mode.
    At last, you get to Choose your Preferred Character by “dragging and dropping” the small, round Red ‘P1’ icon onto your selected character, who then appears in the little orange window. Then use the Toggle Arrows next to this window to select the level of difficulty and number of lives to play with. Finally, click ‘GO!’ to begin. You are then pitted against an opponent, or thrown into a platform-style challenge, depending on the game mode you have chosen. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your character. Hit the ‘O Key’ to jump, and the ‘P Key’ to attack. Avoid falling off the platforms into the abyss, as each time you do – you lose a life.

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