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    Welcomed the impending farm god with many interesting articles with your friends to build the farm on clouds
    Welcome to the Sky Garden: Paradise of Flowers, online games miracle farm dream might make fun of you in the clouds would comZoo Landing - Endless Climbere next thuc.Ban Programme of your dreams turned into reality starting up idea

           Age of War    Share experiences planting trees, upgrading pots and agribusiness with friends, family.
    Farm fun game online popular on phones and tablets more popular over 136 countries.
    Pleasure will sometimes help each person to complete the order from shot Tutu, balloon or fix the broken machine manufacturer in the clouds ...

    🌷 outstanding feature of PARADISE FLOWERS
    - CROP system with abundant crops: Family flowers (sunflowers, roses, lavender, lotus ...), family fruit trees (apple trees, lemon trees, watermelon plants, trees grapes, bananas, Vietnam national tree ...), family tubers (potatoes, the carrots, turnip, ginger ...) and families of special varieties (snowflake, cotton, tea tree ...).

    -       Age of War 6     PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY use machines cute bugs on the clouds to turn agricultural products into the product obtained and delivered orders magic requires a good many valuable asset for (gold, experience and many other awards)
    - UPGRADING planters you famous around the world, if you own the collection pots beautiful, precious, luxurious and attractive.
    - AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS you become the most prominent wealthy businessman if you seize the opportunity to quickly and widely relationship with all the other garden.
    - Lots of arrests will help you upgrade planters and agricultural machine production quickly (remember catching bugs in a neighbor's house anymore offline)
    - MACHINE REPAIR HELP YOU will mount the neighbors and will always receive a gift. Most notably are the ingredients that help you open a new cloud layer.
    - Making friends you can make friends all over the world, the owner of the vineyard on 136 other countries are waiting for you to visit. (The secret: the more your list you will easily become richer)
    You were ready fascinating adventure full of magic on the clouds together with friends all over the world?

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